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It is important to me to try to express unsuspected insights into the content of my artwork... using aggressive textures and unusual mediums.  The ability to bring the various "raw" pieces and layers of materials into their final stages, within the whole of a painting... is 'accomplishment'... the exploration and experimentation of materials is like discovering a new world... transforming a mundane painting into work that is unique.

Jan Sitts - Experimental Artist specializing in layering techniques and art workshops from Sedona, Arizona



For me, experimental art or the making of it is the process of putting together materials on the various surfaces while responding to the outcome as an idea.  This idea may be a process that will be carried from one painting to the next.  Each time I paint something new is added through layered papers, various mediums, and textures.  It is when the outcome of the painting becomes predictable... this is when I move on to the next. 


Seldom do I begin with a conscious idea.  The white surface of the paper, or textured papers (white) along with mixed media are the building tools of the painting...  The idea will follow as the painting evolves.

Experimental art is exploring and discovering more creative ways of expression, and keeping traditional rules of painting out of the picture!

Painting on the edge keeps the mystery and energy alive in my work!

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